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NYT Monday 10/25/10 Jonah Kagan - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Monday October 25, 2010. This is an abbreviated post as I am currently traveling in the UK. Full commentaries will resume when time permits.
Solving time: 5 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 19a death {Point of no return?}

Jonah Kagan
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


Long answers begin with an onomatopoeic word that represents a bang, as indicated by 39a starts with a bang {Has an exciting opening number, say ... or what the answer to each starred clue does?}.
17a boomerang {*Toy that's thrown}
64a powder keg {*Situation set to explode}
11d whammy bar {*Guitar accessory that adds vibrato}
35d bamboozle {*Hoodwink}
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersJonah Kagan / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 34 (15.1%) black squares
Answers76 (average length 5.03)
Theme squares49 (25.7%)
Scrabble points329 (average 1.72)
Other Clues

1a balm {Healing ointment}; 5a mate {Partner}; 9a Bowie {David who sang "Space Oddity"}; 14a aloe {1-Across ingredient}; 15a avid {Enthusiastic}; 16a ad hoc {Like some on-the-spot wireless networks}; 19a death {Point of no return?}; 20a effort {What an E may stand for}; 21a teak {Deck wood}; 23a Mao {China's ___ Zedong}; 24a starlit {Like a clear night sky}; 26a spasm {Tic}; 28a years {1492, 1776, 2001, etc.}; 30a pray to {Seek divine help from}; 33a tab {Indent key}; 36a nape {Back of the neck}; 38a Mabel {Silents star Normand}; 43a armor {Knight's attire}; 44a Leto {Actor Jared}; 45a RDA {Fig. on a vitamin bottle}; 46a rabies {Possible result of an animal bite}; 48a latch {Door fastener}; 51a Olsen {Jimmy of the Daily Planet}; 53a strange {Bizarre}; 57a emo {Angsty music genre}; 59a peer {Look searchingly}; 61a oui, oui! {"Certainly, madame!"}; 62a pizza {Domino's offering}; 66a isles {"Pirates of the Caribbean" locales}; 67a amid {In the thick of}; 68a dish {One who ran away with the spoon, in a nursery rhyme}; 69a Coens {Directors Ethan and Joel}; 70a lazy {Slothful}; 71a oast {Kiln for hops}.

1d babes {Toyland visitors}; 2d aloft {Overhead}; 3d loofa {Bath sponge}; 4d Memory {Dalí's "The Persistence of ___"}; 5d Martians {Invaders in an H. G. Wells story}; 6d Ava {Gardner of film}; 7d tint {Windshield glare reducer}; 8d edges {A hexagon has six of them}; 9d bad karma {Comeuppance for evil actions, supposedly}; 10d ode {Laudatory poem}; 12d iota {Itsy-bitsy bit}; 13d echo {Canyon sound effect}; 18d Erle {Gardner of mystery}; 22d app {Download for an iPhone}; 25d trawl {Fish with a net}; 27d Saab {Sad-sounding car company?}; 29d spiel {Sales pitch}; 31d tend {Be inclined (to)}; 32d Olga {___ Korbut, 1972 Soviet gymnastics star}; 33d tsar {Old Russian autocrat}; 34d Atra {Gillette razor}; 37d Ettas {Singers James and Jones}; 40d roil {Agitate}; 41d trespass {Ignore a property owner's signs, perhaps}; 42d hot toddy {Warm bedtime beverage}; 47d see {Visualize}; 49d Crüe {Rock's Mötley ___}; 50d hairdo {Bob or beehive}; 52d Nepal {Country with Sherpas}; 54d Nokia {Finnish cell phone giant}; 55d guess {"___ who?!"}; 56d eight {Number in an octet}; 57d epic {"Ben-Hur," for one}; 58d miso {Soup with sushi}; 60d Roma {Italia's capital}; 63d zen {Buddhist sect}; 65d wiz {Brainiac}.

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