Saturday, October 23, 2010

NYT Saturday 10/23/10 Will Nediger - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Saturday October 23, 2010. This is an abbreviated post as I am currently traveling in the UK. Full commentaries will resume when time permits.
Solving time: 25 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 10d rooster {Farm stirrer}

Will Nediger
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersWill Nediger / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 28 (12.4%) black squares
Answers68 (average length 5.79)
Theme squares0 (0.0%)
Scrabble points313 (average 1.59)

1a waltzing {Couples' activity once considered scandalous}; 9a arcade {Tilting setting}; 15a I dare not {Chicken's comment}; 16a follow {Track}; 17a no no no no! {"You're doing it all wrong!"}; 18a foozle {Green goof}; 19a opaline {Like a moonstone}; 20a vassals {Fealty swearers}; 21a stilt {Circus tent raiser?}; 22a uniter {Binding agent}; 23a Shatneresque {Like overdramatic spoken-word versions of pop songs}; 28a ads {Campaign creations}; 31a stoic {Not moved much}; 32a rears {They're plopped down}; 33a moas {Old New Zealand natives}; 35a mocks {Sends up}; 37a 'Twas {"___ Love - not me": Dickinson}; 38a adiós {"I'm gone"}; 40a hoers {Farmhands, at times}; 42a ILO {1969 Peace Prize grp.}; 43a Tonya Harding {Athlete stripped of a 1994 national title}; 46a tavern {Something to get a round in}; 47a Arabs {Side in a 1948 war}; 51a the Bard {Many of his subjects were kings}; 53a jai alai {Activity requiring three walls}; 55a Helene {"84 Charing Cross Road" author Hanff}; 56a curliest {Maximally kinky}; 57a Armani {Fendi rival}; 58a angel pie {Lemony dessert}; 59a Noonan {Conservative commentator Peggy}; 60a woodshed {Place of discreet punishment}.

1d winos {Red lovers, perhaps}; 2d adopt {Assume}; 3d Lanai {The Pineapple Island}; 4d trolls {Chat room annoyances}; 5d zeniths {Climbers' goals}; 6d in on {Not excluded from}; 7d none {Squat}; 8d GTO {It's "tachin' up" in a 1964 song}; 9d affair {Cause of many a split}; 10d rooster {Farm stirrer}; 11d close-set {Like baboons' eyes}; 12d Al Zarqawi {Subject of the 2008 book "How to Break a Terrorist"}; 13d doll {Toots}; 14d ewes {Milk sources}; 20d V-necked {Like some shirts}; 22d unicorn {Part of Scotland's coat of arms}; 24d ATM {Deposit box?}; 25d too hard {How someone may try}; 26d Ural {Territory in Risk}; 27d Esso {Shell alternative}; 28d amat {Part of a Latin succession}; 29d dodo {Part of Mauritius's coat of arms}; 30d Saint Elmo {Fire man?}; 34d soya bean {Lecithin source}; 36d Sri {Guru's title}; 39d savanna {Zebra zone}; 41d snailed {Moved along slowly}; 44d herein {Above or below preceder}; 45d grails {Earnestly pursued things}; 48d aleph {Letter resembling an ox's head}; 49d Basie {"King Joe" composer}; 50d sited {Positioned}; 51d than {Part of a comparison}; 52d hero {Heart recipient, perhaps}; 53d Juno {2007 Best Picture nominee with a mythological name}; 54d Argo {Talos hurled huge stones at it}; 56d caw {Avian call}.

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