Saturday, October 9, 2010

NYT Saturday 10/9/10 Joe Krozel - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Saturday October 9, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as a succession of road trips has squeezed my blogging time to the minimum. Commentaries will resume with the Sunday puzzle.
Solving time: 29 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 30d être {Soyons is a form of it}

Joe Krozel
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersJoe Krozel / Will Shortz
Grid16x15 with 36 (15.0%) black squares
Answers65 (average length 6.28)
Theme squares0 (0.0%)
Scrabble points304 (average 1.49)
The Clues

1a cleared one's name {Was proven innocent}; 16a hostile takeover {Merger alternative}; 17a antiprohibition {Drive to drink?}; 18a rests on one's oars {Stops striving}; 19a says {With 12-Down, turns down}; 20a arm {Ready for assault}; 21a UFW {Agricultural labor grp.}; 22a go flat {Become useless, as a 26-Down}; 27a Dniester {Ukraine/Moldova border river}; 32a refi {Debtor's option, briefly}; 33a grand total {It often includes tax}; 35a it or {"Do ___ else!"}; 36a Elbe {River through Dresden}; 37a Park Avenue {Where Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase are headquartered}; 39a Sal's {Pizza joint in "Do the Right Thing"}; 40a teen idol {Potential poster boy}; 41a toe-tap {Dancing technique}; 44a CST {New Orleans setting: Abbr.}; 45a BHA {Food preservative, briefly}; 47a Aceh {Banda ___ (2004 tsunami site)}; 49a October surprise {Bombshell revealed shortly before Election Day}; 57a playd favorites {Didn't judge a group fairly}; 58a early retirement {An employee may accept a package for one}; 59a crossed one's path {Met a body}.

1d char {Not just brown}; 2d lone {Like a maverick}; 3d ests. {Rough figs.}; 4d at its finest {Quintessentially}; 5d ripsawed {Cut along the grain}; 6d Elroy {Football Hall-of-Famer Hirsch}; 7d Deons {Actor Richmond and singer Jackson}; 8d Otho {Early Roman emperor}; 9d Naina {Mrs. Boris Yeltsin}; 10d Ekberg {"La Dolce Vita" actress}; 11d seismo- {Earth-shaking beginning?}; 12d no to {See 19-Across}; 13d Avia {Reebok rival}; 14d me or {"Is it just ___ ..."}; 15d erns {Kite relatives}; 21d unable {Lacking the resources}; 23d fried shrimp {Order at Long John Silver's}; 24d let not {"___ your hearts faint": Deuteronomy 20:3}; 25d afoul {In a tangle}; 26d tire {Inflation target}; 27d Dr. Lao {Tony Randall title role}; 28d STP {Brake fluid brand}; 29d to a T {Without flaws}; 30d être {Soyons is a form of it}; 31d rake {Symbol of St. Barnabas, whose saint day comes at hay harvesting time}; 33d gest {Daring exploit}; 34d LAN {PC connection}; 38d Vice Pres. {Firm cheese, for short?}; 42d abbeys {Where brothers and sisters hang out}; 43d Phèdre {1677 Racine tragedy}; 46d arfed {Issued pound notes?}; 47d au vin {Coq ___}; 48d crore {10 million rupees}; 49d OPEC {Grp. that rolls out the barrels?}; 50d clar. {Woodwind instr.}; 51d taro {Hawaiian staple}; 52d Oyls {Olive kin}; 53d Sato {Japanese Peace Nobelist of 1974}; 54d Itea {Willow variety}; 55d sent {Text message status}; 56d Esth. {Job preceder: Abbr.}.

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