Saturday, October 23, 2010

NYT Sunday 10/24/10 Brendan Emmett Quigley - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Sunday October 24, 2010. This is an abbreviated post as I am currently traveling in the UK. Full commentaries will resume when time permits.
Solving time: 27 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 114a Croatian {Split personality?}

Brendan Emmett Quigley
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


"Risky Business". Gambling-related puns:
22a OTB in England {London-based place to play the ponies?} cf "O, to be in England"
30a hold 'em Caulfield {J. D. Salinger character's favorite game?} cf Holden Caulfield
48a craps suzette {Game played with dice set on fire?} cf crêpe Suzette
64a slots of luck {One-armed bandits?} cf lots of luck
71a keno speaker {Relative of a bingo caller?} cf keynote speaker
88a Burt baccarat {Card game played Reynolds's way?} cf Burt Bacharach
105a don't roulette out {"Please consider playing the wheel again"?} cf don't rule it out
118a stake platter {Pot with a pile of chips?} cf steak platter
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersBrendan Emmett Quigley / Will Shortz
Grid21x21 with 72 (16.3%) black squares
Answers138 (average length 5.35)
Theme squares100 (27.1%)
Scrabble points542 (average 1.47)
Other Clues

1a alms {Charitable contributions}; 5a thatch {Bungalow roof}; 11a toe pick {Part of an ice skater's shoe}; 18a Bach {One of the Three B's}; 19a Horatio {Friend of Hamlet}; 21a Sundance {Film festival name since 1990}; 24a attorney {Firm part}; 25a Avenue C {Street bordering New York's Stuyvesant Town}; 26a To An {"___ Athlete Dying Young" (A. E. Housman poem)}; 28a tile {8-point X, e.g.}; 29a riant {Laughing}; 37a Daly {Golfer John}; 38a toroid {Doughnut shape}; 39a ranees {Asian royalty}; 40a USA {Letters on an Olympics jersey}; 42a ornate {Busy}; 44a Pan-Arab {Like Nasser's movement}; 52a Jon {"Mad Men" actor Hamm}; 53a Nena {"99 Luftballons" hit-maker of 1984}; 54a rot {Spoilage}; 55a stac. {Short and detached, in mus.}; 56a Scotto {Diva Renata}; 59a tac {One-third of a game win}; 60a onto {"I'm ___ you!"}; 62a Eros {Libido}; 66a Adeni {Arabian Peninsula native}; 68a abeam {Sideways on a ship}; 70a toros {Participants in an annual run}; 75a plan {Insurer's offering}; 79a Anne {Author McCaffrey}; 80a eld {Antiquity, quaintly}; 81a Morrie {Mitch Albom title person}; 82a Erie {Losing tribe in the Beaver Wars}; 84a Eda {Psychologist LeShan}; 85a reed {Crumhorn, e.g.}; 87a pet {Dearie}; 93a strands {Leaves high and dry}; 95a Lenore {Poe's "rare and radiant maiden"}; 96a hot {On a roll}; 97a you too {"I'm not the only one?"}; 99a Sue Ane {Actress Langdon}; 101a baba {___ ghanouj}; 109a togas {"Life of Brian" outfits}; 110a Igor {Stereotypical lab assistant's name}; 111a ABBA {Alphabetically first inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame}; 112a upstart {Arriviste}; 114a Croatian {Split personality?}; 122a tendered {Offered in payment}; 123a pergola {Vine-covered colonnade}; 124a oh so {Emphatically}; 125a assents {Nods}; 126a Disney {Radio ___}; 127a mats {Gym gear}.

1d aboard {"All ___!"}; 2d Latvia {8-Down's home}; 3d McBeal {TV character with dancing baby hallucinations}; 4d shinny up {Climb, as a rope}; 5d thee {What you used to be?}; 6d honcho {Big gun}; 7d Arg. {The Iguazu Riv. forms part of its border}; 8d Tal {1960s chess champion Mikhail}; 9d CTA {L overseer}; 10d hinted at {Alluded to}; 11d tut {When repeated, an admonishment}; 12d Ont. {Mich. neighbor}; 13d Edo {Capital until 1868}; 14d partisan {Like politics, by nature}; 15d innie {Hole just above a belt}; 16d C cell {Flashlight battery}; 17d keyed {Worked (up)}; 20d Odom {N.B.A. star nicknamed the Candy Man}; 21d Sanaa {World capital almost 1 1/2 miles above sea level}; 23d nut {Bit in trail mix}; 27d acre {Part of a plot}; 31d Orozco {"The Epic of American Civilization" muralist}; 32d lore {Stuff of legends}; 33d dint {Effort}; 34d unpots {Begins to transplant}; 35d lean-to {"Lost" shelter}; 36d fen {Squishy place}; 38d taste {Art collector's asset}; 41d sss {Snake's warning}; 43d Tesla {Rock band with an inventor's name}; 45d returner {Football special teams player}; 46d anaconda {Tropical menace}; 47d backseat {Roadster's lack}; 48d croakers {Frogs}; 49d rondelet {Seven-line poem}; 50d attender {One who's all there?}; 51d UAR {Bygone geographical inits.}; 52d jot {Scribble}; 57d comp {Give for free}; 58d oft {Frequently, in brief}; 61d Ono {Well-known Tokyo-born singer}; 63d Saki {"The Open Window" story writer}; 64d ser. {Talk to the flock: Abbr.}; 65d loa {Mau ___ (forever, in Hawaii)}; 67d -ism {School: Suffix}; 69d Beebe {Former Buffalo Bills great Don}; 72d pop duo {Hall & Oates, e.g.}; 73d Eres Tu {1974 top 10 hit whose title means "You Are"}; 74d art {Canvases, say}; 76d LeBeau {Coach Dick in the N.F.L. Hall of Fame}; 77d Ara {The Altar}; 78d niche {Recess}; 83d eco- {Prefix with warrior}; 86d day trade {Do some quick market work}; 89d unstated {Tacit}; 90d roué {Smooth operator}; 91d Treo {Early smartphone}; 92d at bottom {Basically}; 94d Nor. {Neighbor of Swe.}; 95d Loeb {Trial of the Century defendant}; 98d Oland {"Shanghai Express" actor}; 100d n-tuple {Mathematical sequence of unknown length}; 102d Agatha {Annual award for mystery writers}; 103d barest {Most meager}; 104d Astros {Texas nine}; 105d dicta {Mandates}; 106d ogres {Meanies}; 107d noons {Common times for duels}; 108d tbsp. {0.5 fl. oz.}; 109d TSA {"Your safety is our priority" org.}; 113d play {Bit of theatrics}; 115d ten {"Taps" hour}; 116d IRT {N.Y.C. subway line}; 117d AES {1950s political inits.}; 119d Ari {Actress Graynor}; 120d kgs. {Metric weights: Abbr.}; 121d eon {Big stretch?}.


Evgeny said...

the explanation of the Bacharach theme pun at 88a is missing

Ross, hope you have a great time at home!

Crossword Man said...

Thanks Evgeny ... problem should be fixed now. Yes, the trip was a bit of a whirlwind tour, but I got to see all my immediate family which was great.