Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NYT Tuesday 10/19/10 Fred Piscop - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Tuesday October 19, 2010. This is an abbreviated post as I am currently traveling in the UK. Full commentaries will resume when time permits.
Solving time: 7 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 23a melt {Cheesy sandwich}

Fred Piscop
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


Puns based on X or Y phrases being heard as Xer Y.
17a maker break {Seventh day, in the Bible?} cf make or break
60a lover money {$10 bill enclosed in a Valentine card?} cf love or money
11d hitter miss {One-third of a strikeout?} cf hit or miss
28d boomer bust {Statue of a post-W.W. II baby?} cf boom or bust
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersFred Piscop / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 36 (16.0%) black squares
Answers78 (average length 4.85)
Theme squares40 (21.2%)
Scrabble points296 (average 1.57)
Other Clues

1a mimic {Mynah bird, e.g.}; 6a must {Has to}; 10a ship {Send by FedEx or UPS}; 14a Evita {Mrs. Perón}; 15a OSHA {Worker welfare grp.}; 16a Pisa {Noted tower site}; 19a Attu {Westernmost Aleutian}; 20a one more {"I'll have another"}; 21a Geritol {"Tired blood" tonic}; 23a melt {Cheesy sandwich}; 25a sane {Having all one's marbles}; 26a fibber {Truth stretcher}; 30a riot {Go hog wild}; 32a rho {P, in Greece}; 35a aloud {One way to think or read}; 36a genus {Homo vis-à-vis humans}; 37a man {Homo sapiens}; 38a lion {"The Wizard of Oz" coward}; 39a slant {What a roof is usually built on}; 40a dirk {Dagger}; 41a cam {Bit of Web video gear}; 42a studs {Small earrings}; 43a posse {A sheriff may round one up}; 44a ode {Horatian creation}; 45a camo {Hunter's garb, for short}; 46a sloshy {Like a mud puddle}; 47a root {Cheer (for)}; 49a Napa {Vintners' valley}; 51a rebates {Cash-back deals}; 54a mustard {Condiment at Nathan's}; 59a abut {Touch on}; 62a gosh! {"Jeepers!"}; 63a Alan {Pioneering D.J. Freed}; 64a abode {Home, sweet home}; 65a ants {Picnic intruders}; 66a weld {Join with a blowtorch}; 67a synod {Religious council}.

1d memo {Note from the boss}; 2d Ivan {"Terrible" czar}; 3d mike {What a D.J. speaks into}; 4d item {Tabloids twosome}; 5d caromed {Ricocheted, as a cue ball}; 6d morel {Tasty mushroom}; 7d use {Be hooked on}; 8d shag {Thick carpet}; 9d takes out {Brings on a date}; 10d Spain {Onetime colonial power in the Philippines}; 12d is to {"That's all there ___ it!"}; 13d Paul {Left-handed Beatle}; 18d Br'er {Term of address used by Uncle Remus}; 22d rats {Slum vermin}; 24d tread on {Trample underfoot}; 26d Falco {Edie of "The Sopranos"}; 27d Iliad {Homeric epic}; 29d bun {Sloppy joe holder}; 31d inns {Bed-and-breakfasts}; 33d harsh {Unduly severe}; 34d on key {Like a good singer}; 36d glum {Wearing a long face}; 39d state law {Result of a governor's signing}; 40d Doo {"Inka Dinka ___"}; 42d Scot {Loch Lomond local}; 43d plasmas {Blood bank supplies}; 46d spur {Cowboy boot feature}; 48d oaths {Solemn vows}; 50d amend {Make changes in}; 51d raga {Sitar music}; 52d ebon {Black, to bards}; 53d sole {Dover ___}; 55d Toby {Man-shaped mug}; 56d anon {In a bit, in poems}; 57d re-do {Give a makeover}; 58d dyed {Did some batiking}; 61d Val {Kilmer of film}.

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