Monday, November 29, 2010

NYT Tuesday 11/30/10 Kristian House - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Tuesday November 30, 2010. This is an abbreviated post as I am currently on vacation; full commentaries will resume with next Monday's puzzle.
Solving time: 5 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 1d coat {Ulster, for one}

Kristian House
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


Theme answers start with an anagram of the letters OPST:
20a tops the list {Is ranked #1}
30a POST NO BILLS {Sign on a construction site fence}
39a stop-off {Brief visit along the way}
42a opts out {Declines to participate}
48a spot remover {Dry cleaner's fluid}
59a pots of money {Megabucks}
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersKristian House / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 37 (16.4%) black squares
Answers78 (average length 4.82)
Theme squares58 (30.9%)
Scrabble points315 (average 1.68)
Other Clues

1a calf {Farm newborn}; 5a A-Rod {Yankees' "$275 million man," informally}; 9a begin {Test proctor's command}; 14a oral {Like dental surgery}; 15a nice! {"Good one!"}; 16a amaze {Blow the socks off}; 17a alma {___ mater}; 18a Yves {The "Y" in Y.S.L.}; 19a rotor {Helicopter part}; 23a odd {Bizarre}; 24a Kyoto {Climate-change protocol city}; 25a tad {Wee bit}; 27a Doc {Disney dwarf with glasses}; 35a IN USE {Lavatory door sign}; 37a sem. {Part of a school year: Abbr.}; 38a peas {Carrots' plate-mates}; 44a Kama {___ Sutra}; 45a R. U. R. {Play from which the word "robot" comes}; 47a Honda {Civic maker}; 52a -eer {Suffix with slogan}; 53a sad {Bummed out}; 54a sinus {Congested area, sometimes}; 56a jag {Drinking binge}; 64a equip {Rig out}; 66a silo {Fodder holder}; 67a core {Part of an apple or the earth}; 68a suave {Socially polished}; 69a anil {Source of indigo dye}; 70a avow {Solemnly swear}; 71a tamer {Whip-cracker}; 72a rind {Outside of a watermelon}; 73a lass {Glasgow gal}.

1d coat {Ulster, for one}; 2d Arlo {Folkie who sang of Alice}; 3d lamp {Magic item of folklore}; 4d flask {Toper's back-pocket item}; 5d anyhoo {"Moving on then ..."}; 6d rivets {Construction fasteners}; 7d ocelots {Forest felines}; 8d Desi {Arnaz of "I Love Lucy"}; 9d bar tab {Toper's expense}; 10d emo {Weezer's music genre}; 11d gato {Cat in una casa}; 12d Izod {Shirt brand}; 13d nerd {Dweeby sort}; 21d type O {Like a universal donor's blood}; 22d stomp {Tread heavily}; 26d dipso {Toper, slangily}; 27d disks {PC storage units}; 28d on tap {Coming up}; 29d Cuomo {Andrew of New York politics}; 31d neo- {Prefix with con or classical}; 32d Leone {Sierra ___}; 33d laude {Honor, on a diploma}; 34d S star {Astronomical red giant}; 36d spats {Tiffs}; 40d Fredo {Corleone who broke Michael's heart}; 41d fum {"Fee fi fo ___"}; 43d thrum {Rhythmic humming sound}; 46d Rossini {"William Tell" composer}; 49d rapper {Ice-T or Ice Cube}; 50d violin {Isaac Stern's instrument}; 51d enfold {Wrap around}; 55d SoCal {L.A.'s area, for short}; 56d jest {"Surely you ___"}; 57d aqua {Light blue}; 58d Guam {Island "where America's day begins"}; 60d tsar {Pre-1917 autocrat}; 61d nova {Suddenly bright star}; 62d Eros {Amor's Greek counterpart}; 63d yews {Trees yielding archery bow wood}; 65d I've {"___ Got a Secret"}.

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