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NYT Sunday 12/26/10 Darin McDaniel - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Sunday December 26, 2010. This is an abbreviated post as I am now in vacation mode for the holiday weekend. Full commentaries will resume with the Monday puzzle.
Solving time: 20 mins (with Henry, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 22a gears {Shifty ones?}

Darin McDaniel
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


"Hey, Mister!". MAN is inserted into a phrase, making a pun.
23a I need my spaceman {Loving comment from an astronaut's wife?}
37a Batman's in the belfry {The Dark Knight rooms with Quasimodo?}
47a open doorman policy {Hotel's ask-your-greeter-anything approach?}
66a Cartman before the horse {"South Park" character leading a walk around a paddock?}
80a take a Rainman check {What Dustin Hoffman gets to do often, thanks to royalties?}
92a Jackman of all trades {Actor Hugh involved in every swap shop deal?}
111a Goodman as Newman {Actor John playing Wayne Knight's role on "Seinfeld"?}
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersDarin McDaniel / Will Shortz
Grid21x21 with 70 (15.9%) black squares
Answers138 (average length 5.38)
Theme squares121 (32.6%)
Scrabble points616 (average 1.66)
Other Clues

1a excel {Shine}; 6a amps {Intensifies, with "up"}; 10a Shop {High-school class}; 14a at sea {On the 73-Across, e.g.}; 19a verve {Élan}; 20a soot {Lampblack}; 21a wake {Come to}; 22a gears {Shifty ones?}; 26a lanai {Place from which to watch a Hawaiian sunset}; 27a toe-nail {Low tip}; 28a badly {Not well}; 29a casts {Throws (off)}; 30a end {Close}; 31a tuba {Big brass}; 34a tee {Plumber's fitting}; 35a bureaus {News offices}; 41a cumin {Chili powder ingredient}; 44a Rico {"He wore a diamond" in "Copacabana"}; 45a Ali {Ryan's "Love Story" co-star}; 46a seed {Origin}; 53a MSN {Popular portal}; 54a fleet {Swift}; 55a épée {Modern pentathlon event}; 56a epact {Difference in days between the lunar and solar year}; 61a it's safe {"All clear"}; 64a dais {Honoree's spot}; 65a Mariah {Singer Carey}; 71a ate out {Patronized a restaurant}; 72a o'cat {One ___ (ball game)}; 73a USS Wasp {W.W. II carrier praised by Churchill for its ability to "sting twice"}; 74a leaps {Vaults}; 75a slur {Aspersion}; 76a Paulo {Brazilian name for six popes}; 79a coo {Speak lovingly}; 85a pros {Advantages}; 89a cur {Scoundrel}; 90a Blob {Steve McQueen's first major movie, with "The"}; 91a husky {Sled dog}; 98a Sgt. York {W.W. I hero played by Gary Cooper}; 99a Edo {Pre-1868 Tokyo}; 100a easy {"Don't strain"}; 101a cut {Song on an album}; 104a Dobie {___ Gillis of 1960s TV}; 105a idiom {Colloquialism}; 107a karaoke {Bar activity}; 110a noble {Like some gases}; 114a Aleut {Inhabitant of the Pribilof Islands}; 115a Atra {Razor brand}; 116a Yogi {Quotable Hall-of-Famer, informally}; 117a blast {Excoriate}; 118a el rey {"Viva ___!"}; 119a baas {Pastoral sounds}; 120a omen {Sign}; 121a asses {Dummkopfs}.

1d e-vite {Modern party summons}; 2d xenon {Element in strobe lights}; 3d creed {Confession of faith}; 4d even {Square}; 5d Leda {Mother of Helen}; 6d asylum {Retreat}; 7d Mos {___ Eisley, "Star Wars" cantina town}; 8d pop {Dad}; 9d stab {Attempt}; 10d Sweden {Winter Olympics powerhouse}; 11d Hamlet {Whence the phrase "Murder most foul"}; 12d okay {So-so}; 13d pen {Pound}; 14d aglare {Harshly bright}; 15d teasels {Prickly plants}; 16d Santa Fe {Onetime home for Georgia O'Keeffe}; 17d erasure {Expunction}; 18d As I {Sinatra's "Softly, ___ Leave You"}; 24d mitt {Hand, in slang}; 25d cation {Charged particle}; 29d cubic {Third-degree, in math}; 32d Barre {Vermont city}; 33d anime {Cartoon genre}; 35d belie {Contradict}; 36d Syd {Old-time cartoonist Hoff}; 37d bin {Hopper}; 38d and {Plus}; 39d scat {Vamoose}; 40d halest {Most fit}; 41d comical {Funny}; 42d upstate {Like Rochester, N.Y.}; 43d mens rea {Literally, "guilty mind"}; 48d off at {Run ___ the mouth}; 49d Olen {Author Robert ___ Butler}; 50d pear {Nectar flavor}; 51d Opie {1960s TV boy}; 52d yeahs {Chorus of approvals}; 57d prow {Projecting front}; 58d air aces {The Red Baron and others}; 59d cassock {Clerical robe}; 60d the poky {Stir}; 62d stop! {"Uncle!"}; 63d a must {Something that's not optional}; 64d dot {E-mail address component}; 65d meson {Quark/antiquark particle}; 67d bolero {Slow dance with quick turns}; 68d Ecua. {S. American land}; 69d Farr {Actress Diane of "Numb3rs"}; 70d Hula {___ Bowl}; 75d skunk {Shut out}; 76d pill {Tiresomely disagreeable sort}; 77d a note {Make ___ of}; 78d umbra {Planetary shadow}; 81d a care {Without ___ (nonchalantly)}; 82d abloom {Flowering}; 83d Che {"El ___ vive!" (revolutionary catchphrase)}; 84d Hus {Czech martyr Jan}; 85d PJs {Comfy bedwear}; 86d rag-doll {Ann or Andy}; 87d October {When Canada celebrates Thanksgiving}; 88d sky-blue {Azure}; 93d moiety {Half}; 94d fedora {Topper for Ol' Blue Eyes}; 95d Adidas {Nike competitor}; 96d asks in {Welcomes warmly}; 97d Dyan {Actress Cannon}; 101d comas {Results of some accidents}; 102d ukase {Decree}; 103d tents {Backpackers' gear}; 105d iota {Wee bit}; 106d mayo {Spread for lunch, maybe}; 108d Reba {First name in country}; 109d awls {Woodworking tools}; 110d nae {Dundee dissent}; 111d gab {Yak}; 112d nom {Passeport info}; 113d age {Dating service datum}.

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