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NYT Sunday 12/5/10 Ben Pall - Solution

completed dieHere is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Sunday December 5, 2010. This is an abbreviated post as I am currently on vacation; full commentaries will resume with tomorrow's puzzle.

My lack of a printer right now limits my ability to follow the instructions in the puzzle. I will deal with this when I return home and update the post with a picture. POSTSCRIPT: we are now back at base and I've been able to make the die - see accompanying image.
Solving time: 25 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz:  92a oolong {It's between green and black}

Ben Pall
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


"On a Roll". The long answers give instructions for creating a die, with the Os making the spots.
23a cut on bold lines {First step of instructions for what to do with this finished puzzle}
56a shade the circles {Instructions, part 2}
77a fold along dashes {Instructions, part 3}
115a use tape on edges {Last step of the instructions}
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersBen Pall / Will Shortz
Grid21x21 with 73 (16.6%) black squares
Answers146 (average length 5.04)
Theme squares0 (0.0%)
Scrabble points581 (average 1.58)
Other Clues

1a quaffs {Hearty drinks}; 7a Omaha {Midwest city named for an Indian tribe}; 12a sappier {More sentimental}; 19a Angola {Major diamond exporter}; 20a as ever {Closing to some letters}; 21a in a hole {Trapped}; 22a terror {It makes the hair stand on end}; 25a Ave. {N.Y.C.'s ___ of the Americas}; 26a part {Goal of a screen test}; 28a Ens. {Many an extra on "Star Trek": Abbr.}; 29a RVs {Vacation conveniences, for short}; 30a lime {Vitamin C source}; 31a reek {Raise a big stink?}; 33a jests {Kids}; 35a One of {"___ Us," 1995 Joan Osborne hit}; 37a zen {Path of enlightenment}; 38a Indo- {European leader?}; 39a ebon {Black}; 40a sapor {Flavor}; 42a Ident. {Part of PIN: Abbr.}; 44a invent {Make up}; 46a hurt {"Where does it ___?"}; 47a exists {Is}; 48a 'Nam {'60s-'70s 114-Across locale}; 51a AOL {Web browser provider}; 52a bona {___ fide}; 53a ides {Part of every month}; 54a opens {Reveals}; 63a do not {Prohibition's start}; 64a Omar {___ Little, "The Wire" gangster}; 65a Vet {Old Philadelphia stadium, informally, with "the"}; 66a olla {Earthen pot}; 67a Olds {Bygone Starfire, e.g., informally}; 68a Sepoy {___ Rebellion of 1857-59}; 70a boots {Evicts}; 72a LAPD {Org. in 2005's Oscar-winning "Crash"}; 73a flee {Hightail it}; 74a oro {Alternative to plata}; 75a cask {Cellar item}; 76a nomad {Bedouin}; 82a erase {Demagnetize, say}; 83a Ives {St. in a children's rhyme}; 84a link {Coupling}; 85a ago {Previously}; 87a son {Half of many a business partnership}; 88a peeves {Ticks off}; 91a cord {Plug's place}; 92a oolong {It's between green and black}; 95a ruler {Viceroy, e.g.}; 96a photo {Snap}; 97a onto {Aware of}; 98a asps {Nile biters}; 102a ere {"We shun it ___ it comes": Emily Dickinson}; 103a scram! {"Beat it!"}; 105a shred {Little bit}; 106a gelt {Moolah}; 107a save {Except for}; 109a air {Certain tankful}; 110a Jai {___ alai}; 112a urns {Some funerary ware}; 114a war {See 48-Across}; 119a enlace {Tie up}; 121a minutes {Cell phone plan units}; 122a oh! oh! oh! {"Pick me! Pick me!"}; 123a sieges {Long fights}; 124a easiest {Least puzzling}; 125a busts {Pedestal toppers}; 126a speeds {Barrels along}.

1d Qatari {Doha native}; 2d uneven {Lopsided}; 3d agreed {Said "yea"}; 4d For {The Beatles' "___ No One"}; 5d flop {Edsel}; 6d Sarajevo {1984 Olympics site}; 7d OSU {The Cowboys of the Big 12 Conf.}; 8d metes {Portions}; 9d Avon {Connecticut town named for an English river}; 10d hens {Coop group}; 11d arb {Wall St. worker}; 12d silver {Second place}; 13d and so {"___ it goes"}; 14d pal {Bud}; 15d Phil {Dr. ___}; 16d ionizes {Charges, in a way}; 17d Element {Honda model}; 18d resents {Begrudges}; 20d acts on {Follows through with}; 24d Or Not {Ripley's last words?}; 27d rebels {Insurgent group}; 32d koi {Pond fish}; 34d TNT {Acme product in Road Runner cartoons}; 35d Oprah {Long-running hit TV show based in Chicago}; 36d fixer {___-upper}; 40d shoer {Farrier}; 41d aunt {Polly of literature, e.g.}; 43d discolor {Fade, maybe}; 45d Nast {Condé ___}; 47d edits {Revises}; 48d nod off {Doze}; 49d Apollo {Artemis' twin}; 50d Mendel {Pea observer}; 52d b'day {Time for a party, in brief}; 53d Ice-T {Rapper with the 1988 platinum album "Power"}; 55d nose-dive {Plummet}; 57d hop on {Board}; 58d amo {Latin lover's word}; 59d evoke {Elicit}; 60d llamas {Alpaca relatives}; 61d El Paso {Home of minor-league baseball's Diablos}; 62d sadden {Depress}; 68d soles {Undersides}; 69d Eros {Greek god whose name is one letter off from 118-Down}; 70d bask {Soak up rays}; 71d Osh {Second-largest city in Kyrgyzstan}; 75d can do {"No problemo"}; 76d neon {"On tap" sign, sometimes}; 78d avers {Affirms}; 79d gloom {Depressing darkness}; 80d dirt {Scuttlebutt}; 81d salter {Device for winter sidewalks}; 86d goodness {Virtue}; 88d presume {Take for granted}; 89d Eurasia {Superstate in Orwell's "1984"}; 90d elevens {Good rolls in craps}; 91d Charo {One-named singer/actress}; 92d ooh {"___-la-la!"}; 93d onrush {Stampede}; 94d gag {[That's awful!]}; 96d priest {The rite person?}; 99d sewage {Waste}; 100d placed {Finished second}; 101d stress {Gray hair producer, they say}; 104d capes {Superman's closetful?}; 105d sight {Vista}; 108d étui {Pin holder}; 110d Jehu {King in II Kings}; 111d ados {Brouhahas}; 113d snip {Trim}; 116d ate {Packed away}; 117d nob {Head, in slang}; 118d Eos {Greek goddess whose name is one letter off from 69-Down}; 120d Lee {Virginia's ___ Highway}.

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