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From Aaron to Zion

I'm proud to say I got an A in my Religious Knowledge O-Level; but since that fine achievement, my knowledge of all things Biblical has got a little rusty. When attempting American crosswords for the first time, I found constructors have an obsession for the likes of Enos that I wasn't prepared for.

Enter reader Debbie, who has provided the material for two new Cheat Sheets. This one focuses on the Bible and a following one will cover Jewish references, including words with Hebrew or Yiddish origins.

The Subsiding of the Waters of the Deluge
AnswerCommon Cluing Options
AaronMoses' brother; Golden calf crafter
AbbaFather, in the Bible
AbelEarly shepherd; Genesis victim
AbnerSaul's general, in the Bible
AdamGenesis man; First of all
AhabKing in I Kings; Jezebel's husband
amenLast word in the New Testament
AmosBiblical shepherd-turned-prophet; Book after Joel
AnaniasBiblical liar
AramBiblical name for Syria
AraratPairs’ debarking point; Genesis landing site; Mount where Noah landed
ArkGenesis craft; Ham's place
AsherTribe of Israel; Son of Jacob
BabelGenesis city; Tower site
BoazHusband of Ruth; Great-grandfather of David
CainGenesis brother; First child
CalebSpy sent by Moses into Canaan
CanaBiblical wedding site; Water-to-wine town
CanaanAncient Palestine; Where Caleb was sent as a spy
cubitMeasure from the elbow to the end of the middle finger
DanForebear of one of the 12 tribes of Israel
Daniel (Dan.)Book after Ezekiel; Lions' den survivor
Dead SeaRefuge of David, in the Bible
DeborahBook of Judges judge
DelilahBook of Judges villainess

The Garden of Eden
AnswerCommon Cluing Options
ecceBiblical trial word; Word from Pontius Pilate
Ecclesiastes (Eccl.)O.T. book of teachings; Book after Proverbs
EdenShangri-La; Genesis garden; Tree of Life locale; Location for The Fall
EdomLand in Genesis; Esau's descendants' land
EgyptMoses' birthplace; The Bible's Mizraim, today
ElamKingdom east of Babylonia; Shem's eldest son
Eli“My G-d!” as cried by King David
EliPriest of I Samuel; Father of Hophni and Phinehas
ElijahMount Sinai prophet; Biblical miracle worker
EndorWhere King Saul consulted a witch
EnochGrandson of Adam
EnosSon of Seth; Grandson of Adam; Genesis son
Ephesians (Eph.)Book after Galatians; Letter from St. Paul
EphraimPatriarch of a tribe of Israel
EsauGrandson of Abraham; Genesis twin
Exodus (Exod.)Book in which the first Passover occurred
Esther (Esth.)Only O.T. book that never mentions G-d; Book recited during Purim
Ezekiel (Ezek.)Book before Daniel
Ezra (Ezr.)Book after Chronicles; Book before Nehemiah

Jonah and the Whale
AnswerCommon Cluing Options
GazaBiblical site of the temple of Dagon; Where Samson died
Genesis (Gen.)Start of the Bible; Book that spans 2,369 years
GideonJudge of Israel, in Judges
GoshenIsraelites' home, in Genesis
HamBiblical ark passenger; Canaanite's ancestor
Hebrews (Heb.)Book after Philemon; Book before James
HerodEarly Judean king; Christmas story villain
HorMount where Aaron died
Hosea (Hos.)Follower of Daniel; O.T. Prophet who married a harlot
IchabodMale name from the Hebrew for "without honor"
IsaacBiblical name meaning "laughter"; Father of well-known twins
Isaiah (Isa.)Book after Song of Solomon; Second-longest Bible book
is it I?Query found in Matthew; Last Supper question
JehuKing in II Kings; Biblical king who destroyed the worshipers of Baal
JeroboamEarly Hebrew king
JobPsalms preceder
JoelFollower of Hosea; Book before Amos
JonahOld Testament book; One with a fish story?
JudeaBethlehem's region
LabanBrother of Rebecca; Jacob's father-in-law
LeahJacob's first wife; sister of Rachel
LehiWhere Samson defeated the Philistines
LeviSon of Jacob and Leah
Leviticus (Lev.)Third book of the Bible; Numbers preceder

Belshazzar's Feast
AnswerCommon Cluing Options
MagiBiblical stargazers; Crèche figures; Wise guys
MagogLand with a cavalry in Ezekiel; Son of Japheth, in Genesis
meneWord on a biblical wall
MicahProphet who prophesied that the savior would come from Bethlehem
MoabBiblical kingdom; Land where Moses died
MosesAncient law man; Adoptee in Genesis; Exodus figure
Mt. SinaiTablets site
myrrhBiblical gift; Gift of the Magi
NaomiShe renamed herself Mara, in Scripture; Ruth's mother-in-law
NeboMount from which Moses saw Canaan; Peak in ancient Palestine
Nehemiah (Neh.)Hebrew leader who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem
NoahGenesis skipper; Captain for 40 days and nights
Noah's ArkTwo-by-two vessel
Numbers (Num.)Book covering a Sinai-to-Moab journey

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
AnswerCommon Cluing Options
Obadiah (Obad.)Book between Amos and Jonah
omerBiblical dry measure
OnanSecond son of Judah; Grandson of Leah
OphirWealthy biblical land
psalmSong of David
RahabProstitute who protected Israelite spies, in Joshua
Red SeaExodus crossing; Parting locale
Romans (Rom.)New Testament book
RuthBook after Judges; Bride of Boaz
SamsonBiblical strongman; Victim of hair loss?
SamuelBiblical book I or II; Prophet who anointed Saul
SaulBook of Samuel character; First king of Israel
SelahFrequent word in Psalms; Biblical interjection
ShebaLand with a queen in Kings; Yemen, in biblical times
ShemBrother of Ham and Japheth; Father of Elam and Aram
SimeonOne of the 12 tribes of Israel; Dinah’s avenger in the Bible
SinaiExodus mountain; Ten Commandments locale
SodomBiblical sin city; Gomorrah’s sister city; City G-d destroyed with fire and brimstone
tekelBit of biblical "writing on the wall"
TorahGenesis to Deuteronomy; Numbers holder
UriahHusband of Bathsheba
ZionJerusalem's Mount ___

Bible Trivia

Sometimes puzzles make reference to unusual features of the Bible in cluing certain regular words.

AnswerCommon Cluing Options
acrosticFeature of Psalm 119
two (Balaam's Ass and the Serpent)Number of talking animals in the Bible
verseEsther 8:9 is the longest one in the Bible

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