Thursday, May 26, 2011

For a variety of reasons...

This is a placeholder post.  The answer is URBAN and RURAL.  The Pick-a-Range contest is closed, but comment on Sunday's post and you can still enter the 1,000th post contest.  (The prize is nice, really -- only Mendo Jim gets the American Girl puzzle book.  Trust me.)

I'll do a better post on Friday, okay?

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thepiranha said...

If I would have put all of the time spent trying to figure out this puzzle into doing something useful, I would have accomplished something this week. I mistakenly tried to find a pair of words in the form ABCDE and BACDE, with the fourth letter being an A. When I finally realized that the form could be ABCDE and BAFDG, with D standing for A, the puzzle was simple.