Sunday, September 18, 2011

NPR Puzzle 9/18/11 - Did Anyone Go to Gent Pet University?

Here's this week's NPR Puzzle:
Take the name of a well-known university in two words. Switch two letters in the respective words; that is, take a letter from the first word, put it in place of a letter in the second word, and put that letter where the first letter was. The result will name something you might take on a camping trip. What are the names of the university and the camping item?
And here's our lame excuse for this post:

Ross and I are in the midst of a mad dash from St. Andrews (in the Kingdom of Fife, if you were wondering) to Oxford (yes, the one in England, not Mississippi).  This has resulted in a lovely, if rainy, then dark, then foggy overnight stay at Lindeth Fell, a country house hotel that would overlook Lake Windermere if it weren't for the aforementioned weather.

Maybe it's the weather that explains the odd WiFi service.  I'm stretched out on a chaise lounge on the landing at the top of the grand staircase not because I want to greet our fellow guests but because I'm getting four bars up here.  Go anywhere else and the signal dies completely.  (Ross would explain the size router these people want, but we haven't the time.)

But it doesn't matter.  The live feed for the puzzle won't be until this afternoon here, and we need to be in Oxford then, seeing Ross's family.

So, we'll be back later today with photos (please, Internet Gods, let there be bandwidth at our next hotel - in Wolverhampton) and commentary.  And everything will go back to normal on Thursday.  Well, our "normal" that is.

And if your bandwidth will allow it, send your institution of higher camping to NPR here.


David said...

There must be some connection somewhere, because I am able to read Magdalen's mind, as follows:

"@%&!$# Unpaid & Underappreciated Intern! About 150! I need an over or under, not an about."

Will has been recycling again. Part of his on-air challenge (college that is an anagram of "Hamster") was in his New York Times second puzzle from two weeks ago. Of course, maybe that is where he came up with the theme of this week's on-air.

Another quick solve puzzle. I did indeed take the item with me on my recent camping trip. As always, I'll take the 1000 to 1050 slot, please.

skydiveboy said...

Nothing too groundbreaking here; I'll go with 2300.

Jim said...

So 147 hard won palindromes have disappeared into the ether.
Maybe The PM just doesn't want any of us second guessing him about i, e or n of s.

I am afraid us'n hoi polloi would get our wrists slapped if we posted our blogmistress's clue.

I kind of overshot last time, but 1300-1350 might be more like it this.

The little loosening of the on-air format is welcome.

The Covered Market in Oxford is great!

Dave said...

I was in Wolverhampton many years ago and all I can remember is that there's a big clock in the middle of the mall. I have no idea what we were doing in Wolverhampton or the mall. I also remember telling my wife that we're finally on our own.

I'll go with the coveted 1200 to 1250 slot, por favor.

Anonymous said...

May I have my usual 1050-1100, please. The penny finally dropped when I came here and reread the question. I can't be more specific until Thursday.

Henry BW

Marie said...

I got this one so I'll join in 1700-1750 for me.

skydiveboy said...

My clue: Tent stakes disturb the ground.

I solved this stupid puzzle as I was reading it, so it was both an ego boost and disappointing. I hope we get an interesting one soon.