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Puzzles Schmuzzles

Here is the second post I've written with the help of reader Debbie, a follow-up to From Aaron to Zion. This one focuses on Yiddish and Hebrew answers; also ones associated with the state of Israel, which often have a Hebrew etymology.

AnswerCommon Cluing Options
Abba [Eban]Israel's first U.N. representative; "My People" writer
AcreIsraeli seaport; Third crusade siege site
AdarMonth before Nisan; When Purim is observed
alef or alephHebrew letter; Beth's predecessor
AmirIsraeli political leader Peretz
Amos [Oz]"A Tale of Love and Darkness" author; "My Michael" author
ArensFormer Israeli minister Moshe
ArielSharon of Israel
AschYiddish writer Sholem; "The Nazarene" novelist; "Moses" author
AvivTel ____; Hebrew for "spring"
ayin16th letter in Hebrew
bagelFood whose name means "ring"; zero in sports slang
BarakIsrael's Ehud; P.M. between Netanyahu and Sharon
BeameNew York City's first Jewish mayor
Beth____ Israel; Letter before gimel
BibiIsrael's Netanyahu, familiarly
BethelHebrew for "house of G-d"; Ancient city north of Jerusalem
blintz(e)Jewish crêpe
B'nai____ B'rith; Sons of, in Hebrew
brisRite for a newborn Jewish boy
bubbeJewish grandma
chutzpahCheekiness; Impudence

AnswerCommon Cluing Options
DayanIsrael's Moshe; Six-Day War hero
dreidelDecember spinner; Top of the holiday season?
EbanIsrael's Abba; "Voice of Israel" author
EhudIsraeli statesman Barak; Former Israeli P.M. Olmert
EilatIsraeli city on the gulf of Aqaba
El AlAirline to Tel Aviv; Carrier whose name means "skyward"
ElihuHebrew name meaning "He is my G-d"
ElulMonth before Tishri; Av follower
EmanuelHebrew for "G-d is with us"; Common temple name
EsseneAncient Jewish ascetic; Dead Sea Scrolls scribe
EzerFormer Israeli president Weizman
ganefThief, in Yiddish; Swindler, slangily
geltTraditional Hanukkah gift; Moolah
GoldaIsrael's Meir; 1977 biographical Broadway play starring Anne Bancroft
golemAutomaton of Hebrew lore; Dimwit, in Yiddish slang
HaifaCity at the foot of Mt. Carmel; Port near Nazareth
halvaMideast confection
HasidMember of a strict Jewish sect
Hava____ Nagila (song title that means "Let us rejoice")
HebrewWhence the word "Sabbath"; Like the letters on a dreidel
HerzogIsraeli president, 1983-93
hethEighth Hebrew letter; The H in Hanukkah
HillelJewish campus group; Noted Talmudic sage
horaBar mitzvah highlight; Dance done to "Hava Nagila"; Wedding ring?
Isr.Med. country; Its highest mtn. is Meron; Leb. neighbor; Syr. neighbor
IsraelHebrew for "one who wrestles with G-d"; Creation of 1948

AnswerCommon Cluing Options
JaffaPort of Israel; Port captured by Napoleon in 1799
JerusalemIt was captured by British forces in 1917
JewObserver of Yom Kippur; Mishnah follower
jewfroCurly ethnic hairstyle, colloquially
JudaicLike the laws of kosher food; Like bar mitzvahs
kibitzOffer advice from around a card table
klutzButterfingers; China shop persona non grata
KnessetIsraeli Parliament; It has over 120 seats in Israel
knishJewish turnover; New York nosh
Kol___ Nidre (Yom Kippur prayer)
kosherLike some Jewish delis; Legit
kreplachJewish ravioli
kvetchBellyache; Crab
latkePotato pancake; Hanukkah nosh
L'Chaim“To life!”; Toast at a bar mitzvah
LeumiIsrael's Bank ______
LikudIsraeli party
LilithAdam's first wife, in Jewish folklore; Demon of Semitic lore
LodFormer name for Ben-Gurion Airport; City in the Plain of Sharon
loxCured salmon; Bagel topper

AnswerCommon Cluing Options
MasadaIsraeli tourist attraction on the Dead Sea; 1981 miniseries set in A.D. 72-73
matzo(h)_____ ball soup; Passover bread
mazel [tov]"Congratulations!"; Literally, "Good luck"
MeirGolda of Israel; Predecessor of Rabin
memHebrew letter after lamed
menorahHanukkah centerpiece; Candle site
menschPerson of integrity and honor; Stand-up guy
meshugaYiddish for "crazy"
mezuzahJewish parchment scroll put on a doorpost
Mogen_____ David (six-pointed star)
mohelBris participant
MosheDayan of Israel; _____ Arens, former Israeli defense minister
MossadIsraeli intelligence group
NegevIsraeli desert; Beersheba locale
NisanPassover month; Month after Adar
NoamHebrew name meaning "sweetness"; Linguist Chomsky
noshSnack; Have a knish, say

AnswerCommon Cluing Options
oysJewish laments; Yiddish plaints
oy veyKvetcher's cry; “Leaving Brooklyn: __________!” (Williamsburg Bridge sign)
par(e)veLike some foods for Jews; Made without milk or meat
PeresIsrael's Shimon; Netanyahu's predecessor as P.M.
PiconMolly of Yiddish theater
pitaFalafel bread; Hummus holder
PurimJewish holiday in Adar; Celebration of deliverance
qophHebrew letter before resh
rabbi"My teacher," in Hebrew; Torah reciter
RabinIsrael's Yitzhak; 1994 Peace Nobelist
RebYiddish Mr.
rebbeJewish teacher
reshLetter before shin
RosenBaseball's Al aka the Hebrew Hammer
Rosh____ Hashanah; Hebrew for "beginning"

AnswerCommon Cluing Options
SabraNative-born Israeli
s(c)hlepLug; Not a quick jaunt
schmaltzExcessive sentimentality; Mush
schmearThe whole _______ (everything); Bribe
s(c)hmoStupid jerk; Joe _____ (average guy)
SederMeal in Nisan; Passover feast; Exodus commemoration
SemiteArab or Jew; Mideast native
shalomHello or goodbye
ShavuotSpring Jewish holiday
shekelIsraeli money; 100 agorot
ShemaJewish pledge of faith
shinHebrew letter
shivaJewish mourning period
SholomTevye creator ______ Aleichem
shtetlYiddish for "small town"; "Fiddler on the Roof" setting
shulSynagogue; Holy Ark's location
Suez1956 crisis site; City rebuilt after the Arab-Israeli wars

AnswerCommon Cluing Options
TalmudRabbi's text; Much studied religious writings
tav23rd Hebrew letter; Torah's beginning
telHill, in Hebrew
Tel AvivShalom Meir Tower locale; Home of the newspaper Haaretz
Tevye"Fiddler on the Roof" milkman; "If I Were a Rich Man" singer
Tisha_____ B'Av, Jewish day of fasting
TishriJewish calendar starter
tov"Mazel ___!"; Yom ___ (Jewish holiday)
trefNot kosher
tsurisWoes, to a Yiddish speaker; "Oy, vey!" cause
tushBackside; Sitting spot
UziGun produced by Israel Military Industries; Weapon in "The Terminator"
Wye___ Accords, 1998 Israeli-Palestinian agreement
yenta or yenteGossipmonger; "Fiddler on the Roof" role; Musical matchmaker
YentlStory subtitled "The Yeshiva Boy"; Gender-bending Streisand film
yeshivaWhere the Talmud is studied; Rabbi's alma mater
YitzhakShimon's predecessor
YMHAJewish youth org.
yodLetter after teth
yom___ Kippur; Day, in Hebrew
zaftigWell-proportioned; Rubenesque

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