Sunday, December 4, 2011

NPR Puzzle 12/4/11 - Will Shortz Sings For His Supper

Here's this week's NPR puzzle:
Name a style of music. Change the middle letter to a B, and you'll name a style of cooking. What are the style of music and the style of cooking? (There are several ways to spell the cooking style, but the answer is one of them.)
Ross got this right away, then quibbled with the answer. (Let's just say that Dr. Shortz is not wrong about the multiple ways of spelling the cooking style.) A little checking on the Internet and Ross was satisfied.

Have you consumed enough information to feel confident of the answer? Then send it in to NPR here.

Here's the meta-puzzle: Take a name associated with the style of music, swap the last two letters and you'll get a word associated with the equipment/utensils you need to make the style of food.

Don't send the meta-puzzle answer anywhere, least of all the comments. But the photo gallery this week are pictures of places from the individual's Wiki page.

Bon appetit!

Time for ...
This is where we ask you how many entries you think NPR will get for the challenge above.  If you want to win, leave a comment with your guess for the range of entries NPR will receive.  First come first served, so read existing comments before you guess.  Ross and I guess last, just before we publish the Thursday post.  After the Thursday post is up, the entries are closed.  The winner gets a puzzle book of our unspecified choosing.

Just over 600 entries. No one won. Remember, we're looking for the total number of entries. So pick a range in the comments to see if you'll win a prize! (And to the engineer who cued up the WRONG puzzle: Yo.)

Here are the ranges:
Fewer than 50       
51 - 100
101 - 150
151 - 200
201 - 250
251 - 300
301 - 350
351 - 400
401 - 450
451 - 500

501 - 550
551 - 600
601 - 650
651 - 700
701 - 750
751 - 800
801 - 850
851 - 900
901 - 950
951 - 1,000
1,001 - 1,050         
1,051 - 1,100
1,101 - 1,150
1,151 - 1,200
1,201 - 1,250
1,251 - 1,300
1,301 - 1,350
1,351 - 1,400
1,401 - 1,450
1,451 - 1,500

1,501 - 1,550
1,551 - 1,600
1,601 - 1,650
1,651 - 1,700
1,701 - 1,750
1,751 - 1,800
1,801 - 1,850
1,851 - 1,900
1,901 - 1,950
1,951 - 2,000
2,001 - 2,050
2,051 - 2,100
2,101 - 2,150
2,151 - 2,200
2,201 - 2,250
2,251 - 2,300
2,301 - 2,350
2,351 - 2,400
2,401 - 2,450
2,451 - 2,500

2,501 - 2,750
2,751 - 3,000
3,001 - 3,250
3,251 - 3,500
3,501 - 4,000
4,001 - 4,500
4,501 - 5,000

More than 5,000
More than 5,000 and it sets a new record.
Our tie-break rule:   In the event that a single round number is announced, AND two separate people picked the ranges leading up to and leading up from that round number, the prize will be awarded to whichever entrant had not already won a prize, or in the event that both entrants had won a prize already or neither had, then to the earlier of the two entries on the famous judicial principle of "First Come First Serve," (or in technical legal jargon, "You Snooze, You Lose").  And yes, this rule is most-likely obsolete but I just like having fine print. 


DAPF said...

Initially, I went one step forward and two steps back: another awkward puzzle.

DAPF said...

Magdalen, thanks for helping me come to grips with this puzzle.

Joe Kupe said...

Got to listen in the car for a change, figured it out in less than a minute. Not a bad one, but difficult if you don't know your music. 851 - 900 please.

David said...

Our local community college course offerings are lecture, class, seminar or lab. The levels are A, B, or C, for basic, intermediate or advanced. When you sign up for an adult education course, you sign up as course type, level and then there is a brief description of the content (like LAB C CHEM, for advanced chemistry lab).

They offer various cooking classes, including many levels of healthy crock pot cooking for working parents.

The intermediate course description is “CLASS B CROCK”, which is the (sort of) style of cooking answer associated with the style of music “CLASSIC ROCK”.

I did find another answer. I’ll take my standard 1001 to 1050, please.

Curtis said...

My guess last week was really overcooked. This week I'll guess 601 - 650, since the puzzle has really taken a turn for lower submission levels in the last few months. Back in the "old" days, especially when Liane was the host, they'd get 1200 - 1500 submissions on a regular basis. I'm not sure what caused the lower submission numbers; Audie is a fine host, so I can't imagine they're getting lower audience numbers in general.

Mendo Jim said...

To b or not to b?
Apparently Will added that clue to the challenge as it was presented to him by Monte Montgomery.
It turned the whole thing into a cakewalk (is that a cooking style?).

For a second week I got the answer while still safely abed. It wasn't until this morning that I discovered one has to fight Google to find confirmation of this offbeat spelling.

I would guess that Will and/or the producer of the segment are the only ones who can account for the dropoff in submissions. And they ain't likely to talk.

I'll pretend it's the old days and go for 2251-2300.


skydiveboy said...

I suspect Will gave the puzzle answer away this time on purpose in order to increase the submissions. I think they are really not concerned with how many correct answers they get, but the total submissions are their concern because this sends the message they want to management that people are listening and they should keep this segment of the program.

I will guess at 3 million 1901 for this week. Let me change that and drop the 3 million and just go with 1901 because I don't think they can count that high anyway.

Natasha said...

I select the 501-550 range this week,please. This week is a good test about the audience size.

Dave said...

This puzzle is the pits. I'll go for the 1201 to 1250 slot.