Sunday, June 17, 2012

Place holder

We are experiencing some mechanical or technical difficulties with our Internet connection. Is it the router? Is it the modem? Is it some cable connection? Or will updating the software make a difference?

At this point we don't know.

But in addition, we haven't solved the puzzle, so we're stuck on both counts.

We will endeavor to post some pretty pictures of circuit boards or something as soon as we're back up.

Feel free to drop us a really cagey hint in the comments if we're being stupid about the puzzle. And if you know how to solve our Internet connection problems, do tell!


Blaine said...

I'm pretty sure this is going to have a low number of solvers this week (I'm voting for the 101-150 range). The smart move for solvers would be to not reveal too much if they want a higher chance to get picked to play on the air. :)

Curtis said...

I agree with Blaine - definitely a tough one this week. I'll go really low with the 51 - 100 range this week.

skydiveboy said...

You guys took my two choices and in order too, so I'll go with 150.

Mendo Jim said...

I wonder if Will ever thinks before claiming "everyone knows?"
I tried "faux" on some folks a while back and fell short of "everyone."

I have to admit that this challenge was more of one than usual.
I have no idea how to guess a range for it.

phredp said...

201-250 I'd guess lower but they were taken.