Sunday, October 28, 2012

NPR Puzzle 10/28/12 -- It's the Halloweeniest Puzzle Ever

Here's this week's NPR Puzzle:
Think of a word associated with Halloween. Add a letter in the second position to create a new word that does not rhyme with the first. Then add another letter in the third position of the word you just created to complete another word that does not rhyme with either of the first two. What words are these?
We are on the road--no, we're not running away from Hurricane Sandy; we had this trip booked months ago--so this is a truncated post until we arrive at our destination later today and can blog about who won last week's Pick-a-Range.

Ross solved the puzzle while I was preparing the blog post. Teamwork!!

No egregious hints, people--I like this one.

But don't wait for us, when you know the answer, you can send it to the Head Ghost in the NPR Machine here.

In the meantime, here are some Halloween photos:

As usual, click on the photo for more information.

The Pick-a-Range portion is dressed for Halloween as a ghost:



Curtis said...

Thanks for the laugh about the pick-a-range as a ghost, Magdalen.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Magdalen. This is one of the better puzzles in a while. So no hints in this comment.


Mendo Jim said...

I'm pretty sure I have the answer because it has a typical Shortzian mistake in it.
I wonder why it is too much trouble for him to spend some time vetting what he offers.

skydiveboy said...

I forgot to guess last week. I'll go with 555 this week.

skydiveboy said...

It might be giving too much away if I were to be more specific until Thursday, but I just noticed an unusual progression with this puzzle that goes far beyond Will's puzzle. See if you can find it too.

Mendo Jim said...

Seems a mite optimistic to chase "an unusual progression" when there is nothing but an assumption of a common starting place.

It gets tiresome when so little rigor is expected of Dr. S, that players think that an answer is probably "close enough."

Curtis said...

I'm going to take 351 - 400, just because the third word, while not rare, is unlikely for anyone to use beyond a legalistic setting.

David said...

Out of town for a half-marathon, find the local NPR station, hear the quiz, think for a few minutes, ask my wife who is on her computer if ??? is a word. She says it is.

1001 to 1050, please.

Betty AnoninLS said...

Very funny, Magdalen, the pick-a-range costume. Thought my old browser was at fault.
I think this one is fairly easy.
1451 to 1500.

Marie said...

Got it quickly, don't know why though, as the third word was a word I had to verify in the dictionary. 951 please.

EKW said...

I'll try 601-650 once again.1

KDW said...

May I have 951-1,000, please?

Joe Kupe said...

501 to 550 please! Glad I was a winner last week, can't wait for my book of puzzles! Now if I could only get the call from Will.

Dave said...

I hereby declare that my range is 401 to 450.