Sunday, March 3, 2013

NPR Puzzle Posts On Hiatus

Hi, everyone. We've had a tiny medical crisis here at Casa Crossword, so we're putting the blog on hiatus. Not to worry, Ross and I are fine, although I get the unenviable joy of calling the hotshot Venezuelan surgeon tomorrow to see when he can schedule my gallbladder surgery. Not too soon, I hope; I have some deadlines that I would really like to meet.

Until I'm through all that--the deadlines, the surgery, the recovery, etc.--I think it's best if the blog takes a little vacation. I intend to start it up again in a couple of months, so check back in late April, okay?

Meanwhile, Paul won the Pick a Range last week, so we'll contribute $10 to the Fairfield County Community Foundation in his name.

In the meantime, here's a photo of Yorkshire. And, for once, we took it! (Some sculpture park, possibly The Yorkshire Sculpture Park.)