Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tree of a Kind

Mrs. Crossword Man asked me to put up a placeholder post. She's currently somewhere en route from San Francisco to Philadelphia. Perhaps over Edina, Minnesota, or Ada, Oklahoma, or somewhere else puzzleworthy. Anyway, here's this week's NPR Puzzle to ponder over your breakfast cereal:
Name certain trees. Also name something that trees have. Rearrange all the letters to get the brand name of a product one might buy at a grocery or drug store. What is it?
A not too hard one according to Will, and I would concur. More when Magdalen gets home ...


Maggie Strasser said...

May I have 951-1000 please?

I won't admit that I haven't solved a puzzle in weeks & feel stupid.

Oh, wait. ;)

Mendo Jim said...

I can't very well give a hint because I have no idea what the answer is.
On the face of it, I can think of dozens of tree varieties (catalpa, e.g.) and another twenty types (ornamental, say).
Then maybe ten easy things trees have in common (not leaves or needles, please).
So those permutations plus a nice, cozy anagramatic jumble gives one of thousands of brand names.

Pretty easy, Will says. Yup, Ross says.

Huh? I say.