Sunday, October 11, 2015

Oooh, a Two-Week Creative Challenge!

Here's this week's NPR Sunday Challenge:
This is a creative challenge. The object is to write a 10-word sentence in which each word ends with the same letter of the alphabet.

For example: Dartmouth frosh clash with Pittsburgh church parish, clinch fifth triumph.

Every word in my sentence ends with H. You can choose any letter you like. Entries will be judged on sensibility, naturalness of syntax and overall elegance. The person who submits the best sentence in my opinion will play the puzzle on the air in two weeks.
There is no solve, there is only try.

But when you've been creative, here's where you want to wing the puzzle off to its intended target, the NPR Contact Us form. And don't forget, your deadline is Thursday, October 22, which is also the next time we'll blog. Enjoy your week off from us!!

Let's see what Flick has for "creative challenge"

Reflecting on the change of seasons - NJ

Because I Like Boats

Epi Dreams

nicolai eigtved, architect: christianskirken, christianshavn 1754-1759

* Moonlit Bench *

“日落天開雲中現” / 寧 Serenity / SML.20130416.6D.00779.P1.L1

Post Box

Time for
This is where we ask you how many entries you think NPR will get for the challenge above. If you want to win, leave a comment with your guess for the range of entries NPR will receive. First come first served, so read existing comments before you guess. Ross and I guess last, just before we publish the Thursday post. After the Thursday post is up, the entries are closed.

The winner gets a choice: they can receive a puzzle book of our choosing or they can ask that a charitable contribution is made in the winner's honor. As of this week, we are providing an alternative to the Red Cross. If the winner wishes, we will make a contribution to his/her NPR station. Send us the call letters and we'll do the rest.

Today's magic number is 196. Joe Kupe won! Risk talk, pick quick, off-peak mid-week click, tsk tsk tsk.

Here are the NEW ranges:
   0 - 25
 26 - 50
 51 - 75
 76 - 100
101 - 125
126 - 150
151 - 175
176 - 200
201 - 225
226 - 250

251 - 275
276 - 300
301 - 325
326 - 350
351 - 375
376 - 400
401 - 425
426 - 450
451 - 475
476 - 500
501 - 550
551 - 600
601 - 650
651 - 700
701 - 750
751 - 800
801 - 850
851 - 900
901 - 950
951 - 1,000

1,001 - 1,050
1,051 - 1,100
1,101 - 1,150
1,151 - 1,200
1,201 - 1,250
1,251 - 1,300
1,301 - 1,350
1,351 - 1,400
1,401 - 1,450
1,451 - 1,500
1,501 - 1,550
1,551 - 1,600
1,601 - 1,650
1,651 - 1,700
1,701 - 1,750
1,751 - 1,800
1,801 - 1,850
1,851 - 1,900
1,901 - 1,950
1,951 - 2,000

2,001 - 2,250
2,251 - 2,500
2,501 - 2,750
2,751 - 3,000
3,001 - 3,500
3,501 - 4,000
4,001 - 4,500
4,501 - 5,000

More than 5,000
Our tie-break rule:   In the event that a single round number is announced with a qualifier such as "about" or "around" (e.g., "We received around 1,200 entries."), the prize will be awarded to the entrant who picked the range including that precise number, e.g., 551 - 600 wins if the announced range is "around 600.").  As of August, 2015, this rule is officially even more complicated than it's ever been, but at least it's consistent with what we actually do.


Curtis said...

This one should generate a bunch of responses, since no definitive answer exists, and we get two weeks to answer. I'll pick 1,351 - 1,400 this time.

legolambda said...

Congratulations to Joe Kupe.
I will guess that 701-750 people will enter Will's creative challenge.


Paul said...

The more, the merrier, and it can't hurt to try. 1,001 - 1,050,please.

Mendo Jim said...

That Wee Willy offers up another open-ended, subjective challenge shows his sorrowfully arrogant lack of self-awareness.
I am not sure what bothers me more about these.
It may be asking his followers to make an effort to produce something with "sensibility, naturalness of syntax and overall elegance" and submit it to someone woefully lacking in those abilities.
Or it may be that those that 99 percent of these efforts disappear into the vaults of Willy's brain and NPR, never to be seen, appreciated and perhaps shown as far superior to the one or two best in his opinion.

Like Shortz, I will be taking this time off from the Sunday Puzzle.

Unknown said...

I'll guess 751-800. Just a few over LL's answer. :) --Margaret G.

David said...

951 to 1000, please. This was a good, mindless puzzle to work on while I was on my Sunday long run. I have several, using a couple different last letters.

Mendo Jim said...

On second thought, my misgivings about this type of challenge can be bypassed by coming up with as many suitable sentences as you feel like and then posting them here and at Blaines.
Submit them to NPR (one per person?) if you feel like it.

legolambda said...

Mendo Jim,
I enjoyed your pidgin english entry you posted on Blaine's blog. It is so thinking-outside-the-oxbay that Will might actually give you "the call"!...


Mendo Jim said...

Lego- That is Pig Latin, a kind of foolish copy of important and useful Pidgin English.
He is going to have to dig for my phone number; I quit sending it after the "impossible" puzzle many years ago.

This Texas-Toronto game is mindboggling.

Seth said...

Ned walked, jumped, danced, talked, laughed, smoked, cried, and moaned.

I'm not submitting this. Just wanted to share the idea. A mathematician might call this the "trivial case."

Joe Kupe said...

Winner, Winner, Frankfurter Dinner! I only need six more. Proud to be the weekly winner, thanks! Please go ahead and make a donation in my name to the Rochester, NY NPR station, WXXI 1370-AM. I will go with 601-650 this week!

Ross Beresford said...

Joe Kupe, we gave the pledge (where?, see above please).

Mendo Jim said...

Yuck, milk tank truck wreck stank; hack, hawk rank gunk.

Maggie Strasser said...

351-375, please

Mendo Jim said...

I posted this at Blaine's to no apparent notice and certainly no acclaim. I like it best of the ones I have written and I should thank Will for the exercise.

Four slender, silver killdeer gather near far pier, never lonelier.

Mendo Jim said...

I guess while I am waiting for my last post to be "moderated," I will add the questions
Why moderation?
What guidelines?
How long will it take and last?

legolambda said...

Mendo Jim,
Your killdeer effort is poetic!
Pig Latin! Of course. I knew it involved some kind of critter.


Paul said...

I did notice your latest composition over at Blainesville, MJ, and thought it better than most. I'm not much of a birdwatcher, so I've been researching and thinking about the applicability of 'silver' to 'killdeer'. Meanwhile:
Moderation in the defense of bloggery is no vice.

Mendo Jim said...

Paul: Wasn't real happy with it myself.

Jay said...

Wasn't enthused at first but finally got interested and actually went a bit overboard: words start and end with the same letter! May post it later. Meanwhile-14 days gives time for 1401-1450.